Half term = odd job week

This week has been a week of odd jobs helping all the parents that are home for half time tick of some of their to do list.

We have done 6 landlord gas safety inspections, these are annual checks to confirm the gas safety of a property that is rented out. Checks involve making sure there is no gas leaks in the property and that all gas appliances are safe to use.

Along with landlords inspections we have also done homeowner gas safety checks, homeowners are not legally bound to get their boiler serviced but it is just as important and only this week found a issue with a burner that would have caused an unsafe situation if not picked up. It’s also important if your boiler has warranty to keep your boiler serviced every 12 months to ensure the warranty is kept valid.

Spring seems to be the time lots of people start to think about replacing their boilers and doing the bigger jobs on their system. We have been quoting for new boilers, Powerflushes and radiators this week.

A couple of boiler breakdowns and fitting a vanity unit for a valued customer in Bordon topped of the week.

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