What type of boiler service do I need?

We offer a range of servicing options this is due to the different requirements of every boiler. A service condition report is issued on all services this report highlights any recommendations of further maintenance or replacement parts.

DTM Standard Service. £84 inc VAT

First of all we offer a standard boiler service and safety check, this is suitable for most older boilers that are wall mounted and out of warranty.

If you are just looking to make sure your boiler is running safely and efficiently this basic check is sufficient. The check includes inspection and basic clean.

DTM Full manufacturer Service from £142 plus any parts.

This service includes a service to the manufactures requirements to maintain any warranty you have on your boiler. This is also the best option if you want to ensure your boiler is maintained in the best possible condition.

A manufacturer service often involves a full strip down of your boiler to access the main workings of the appliance.

As the manufacturers often require gaskets to be changed at time of inspection we will need your boiler make and model on booking to make sure we have all required parts for your boiler service.

Once we have your boiler make and model a full service price will be sent to you.

We take and issue pictures as proof to your warranty provider that full servicing requirements have been followed.

What will my condition report show?

The report will highlight any issues or potential issues that could cause your boiler problems.

The most common recommendations are boiler electrode replacement and burner insulation replacement due to cracks.

A electrode is the component that lights the gas a bit like a spark plug on a car, and just like a spark plug they will eventually need replacing.

A boiler electrode also senses the gas has been lit, a poor condition electrode is a common reason for boiler breakdowns so it is a major check point on our services.

Below is a example image of a set old vs new of Worcester Greenstar electrodes. You can see the metal probe on the blue flame sensing electrode is severely deteriorated and the main white spark electrodes are warped and have heavy build up on them.

A example of a cracked burner insulation found on a service