What is a Powerflush?

A Powerflush is a way of cleaning sludge and other debris from your central heating pipework, boiler and hot water coil.

How does it work?

We use a Fernox Powerflush machine connected to your central heating to circulate chemicals which are designed to break down sludge, this machine is then used to thouroughly wash through fresh water to rinse away any broken down deposits leaving your system to breathe and circulate as it should.

How do I know I need a Powerflush?

Although your system may be experiencing the symptoms (cold spots on radiators, noisy boiler, slow heat up) of requiring a Powerflush there are several other possibilities than can present these systems. One of our engineers will carry out a free site survey to determine if a Powerflush would be a benefit to your homes system.

Will a Powerflush cause leaks on my system?

A Powerflush will wash away any debris, this debris could be masking damage to your system, we do however say if the Powerflush was to create a leak then this was something that was going to be a issue in the future and its better to know about and find these risks whilst a heating engineer is in your property rather than the leak springing a surprise one day when you are out doing your shopping. We have carried out hundreds of Powerflushes and leaks from Powerflushing are not common.

How Long does a Powerflush take?

We ask you allow a day for our engineers to flush a standard size central heating system.

Is a Powerflush my only option?

A Powerflush is not always required or the best solution for circulation issues. We have extensive domestic system design knowledge to identify system design issues. We also carry the Adey Magnacleanse which involves using your current system pump and attaching our magnetic filters along with cleaning chemicals. We also use the Thoroughflush kit as another flushing option, this can be used without chemicals, filter and Powerflush machine and just uses mains water.