How to be more energy efficient in 2019

As we get further into 2019 and the importance of energy efficiency is highlighted by natural disasters and rising energy costs, we have decided to do some digging on how we can make a difference to our carbon footprint.

  1. The old energy saving favourite is still a quick easy win. Turning appliances off instead of on standby can save around £30 a year.
  2. Using a bowl to wash up and not leaving the hot tap running can save up to £25 a year.
  3. Only filling the amount of water you need in a kettle can save £6 a year.
  4. Replacing your shower head with a water efficient shower head can save up to £70 a year.
  5. Spending a minute less in the the shower can save £7 per person in the household.
  6. Turning of lights when not in use can save around £15 a year.
  7. Upgrading to LED lights can save around £35 a year.
  8. Heating accounts for 55% of energy costs in the home, a modern high efficiency and well maintained boilers a good place to start.
  9. Insulation of lofts, cavity’s, roofs, floors and tanks.
  10. Bike more and drive less.
  11. Recycle and re use, anything you can’t recycle find another use for it.
  12. Draught proof your windows and doors.

There are many simple things we can do, just a few little things make a big difference.

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