Heating season comes to a end

We had a busy end to the heating season fitting 4 new Worcester Bosch boilers, as the weather gets warmer it’s the ideal time to get your boiler replaced. The warmer weather means you won’t be missing the heating whilst your boiler is replaced and you can enter next winter with your new system set up and ready to go.

There a a few things to consider when replacing your boiler, when you have time to plan for the replacement you can make sure you are getting exactly what you require rather than rushing into a decision just because you need your heating back due to cold weather.

Some of the things you need to consider are is your boiler in the best location for your home, a position where it is not using valuable space and could you benefit from relocating it.

Is the current system the best design for your house, are you planning to extend which means a higher output boiler is required or are you thinking you may convert your loft which means you want to remove the water tanks in the loft and fit a combination boiler.

Are you looking for a manufacturer that provides a long warranty so you do not need to rely on expensive insurance policy’s.

We Powerflush all our new boiler installations and fit a magnetic system filter this ensures the new system is clean and clear of any sludge and debris, in my 15 years experiance working as a technical breakdown engineer I found the lack of Powerflushing and magnetic filters to be the main cause of short boiler life and temperamental systems.

Just like many things preparation is the key to having a reliable heating system in your home, you could buy the best boiler on the market but if it’s poorly installed you will end up with poor reliability. I give every customer the best heating system within in their budget and promote as much planning as possible.

We fit three main brands of boiler Atag, Worcester Bosch and Baxi. If you would like any information or a no obligation quotation please contact us.

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