Busy week installing

This week we were in Farnham replacing a Worcester Bosch 15 RI boiler with the latest Worcester Bosch 36 CDI Compact.

The reason for the change was the customer wanted to remove the hot water storage tank and heating components in the airing compartment to make room for a shower to be fitted in the bathroom. A combi boiler heats the water direct from the mains so there is no need for a water storage tank, this also means the storage tanks in the loft can be removed making way for extra storage in the loft or even a conversion.

First of all we Powerflushed the system using our Fernox Powerflow machine, Fernox Cleaners and Adey Magnacleanse. We then set about removing the tanks and converting the system to a sealed system. Some new Drayton Thermostatic radiator valves were also fitted to allow extra control of the room temperatures.

Then it was on to fitting the new boiler and Worcester Bosch filter along with a scale reducer, mini expansion vessel and pressure reducing valve on the mains to protect the boiler.

The system was finished off with a Hive smart room thermostat to allow our customer easy remote control of their heating from their phone.

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