Fire Safety

Some of my customers may have noticed I test their smoke alarms on my service visits and quite often find that they do not work or are expired. This week I caught up with Jeff from GMS Fire Protection whilst arranging having my van kitted out with fire protection equipment. I asked him to share any tips I could pass onto my customers. One thing that really struck me and I’m personally guilty of with just one little extinguisher is what would we do if a fire started in our own home what measures have we taken to protect our lives and home ? Jeff advises that every home should have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, heat alarms and smoke alarms. Jeff can be found on Facebook under GMS Fire protection and if you have not considered how to protect your home or business he is the best place to start for advice.

These are a few of the easy to ways to protect yourself against fire.

  1. Never leave candles unattended.
  2. Don’t overload power points and make sure you switch off all appliances when not in use.
  3. Never use electrical cords that have been damaged or frayed.
  4. Always keep lighters and matches up high and away from little hands. Explain to little ones that they are not toys and can cause serious harm.
  5. Never leave the kitchen unattended while cooking.
  6. Always clean/clear the filter in your tumble dryer.
  7. When storing flammables, chemicals and fuels take extra care that they are not near a heat source and that they are in a cool dry cupboard.
  8. When using a barbecue always check it’s in a good working order and safe to use.
  9. Keep your oven clean.
  10. Use the fireplace responsibly. Always place fireplace ash in a dedicated metal container that isn’t used for any other household refuse.
  11. Don’t smoke in doors and never smoke in bed or while under the influence of alcohol.

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